La Buchetta
La Buchetta
La Buchetta
La Buchetta
La Buchetta
La Buchetta
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La Buchetta


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Located in palazzo Bardi, La Buchetta’s story is already very romantic in and of itself. Le buchette or “little holes” can be noticed as you walk through the streets of old Florence. These little holes are placed in the facades of palaces and are small openings of about 40 cm, with a small door with an upper arch, often decorated by a frame, in ashlar or smooth style stone and closed by a wooden door. These holes are  so-called wine tabernacles, an intuition of Florentine families, who in the 1500s switched from merchants to skilled landowners, investing their capital, among other things, to produce the nectar of the gods. The little hole was then the connection to the wine cellar of the building with the road, being very low down on the facades allowed to maintain a certain anonymity of the customer. The winemaker avoided selling to intermediaries such as taverns, and it’s opening allowed the passage of the classic “Tuscan fiasco” covered with straw. The winemakers followed strict rules for the trading of the bottles, at certain times and never after the final toll of the evening bells. Other utilization of these “little holes” was that of charity. They used to leave food or a jug of wine for the needy in the small opening. Some have become mailboxes, others house the bells with the name plates of the families who live in that house. Many have been walled up and today there are approximately 80 remaining, including La Buchetta restaurant. In addition to their very whimsical story, La Buchetta has stunning courtyard views, food prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients and rave customer reviews. What are you waiting for? Pop by for a romantic evening with your loved one.

This restaurant located on Via De’ Benci 3 is amazing place to have dinner in Florence. The guests can enjoy traditional Tuscany cuisine and try famous Bistecca Fiorentica. It’s absolutely necessary to try this traditional beefsteak when you are in Florence. This place is the best choice for it. La Buchetta has a great menu of meats of any types. Not only meat is excellent in this restaurant. Antipasti, pasta, ravioli, salads and many other meals are very delicious and nicely presented. Very pleasant atmosphere with background music, amazing food and excellent wine make dinner in this restaurant a real delight.

This lovely central restaurant is small and always busy with locals. The reasons for that are the warm romantic atmosphere and the delicious Italian food. Some of the patrons’ favorites include gnocchi, ravioli, prosciutto e melone (ham and melon starter) and the scrumptious pana cotta. The wine list is not very long but perfectly selected to accompany every meal. The owner and staff are very helpful and speak great English too.

Of course, if you want cosy with a little more chic, slip into the shadowy light, chesterfield armchairs and sultry mood of this modern but utterly seductive cafè/restaurant. Their dishes are elegant but never stingy. The handmade ravioli collapses into creamy, salty heaven in your mouth and if you follow this with a slice of pear and chocolate tart you’ll probably decide to skip the Uffizi and order round two.