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At La Buchetta Food & Wine Restaurant in Florence center you can find a fine selection of typical Tuscan recipes, from fresh homemade pasta, lasagne
and gnocchi to the original ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’ (Florentine Beefsteak) and more main courses … All our dishes can be accompanied by Tuscan
and Italian wines that you can choose from the wide selection of our cellar!

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Toasted bread topped with oil, chopped tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

Bruschetta con mozzarella

€ 12,00

La Buchetta appetizer. Prosciutto, salami, finocchiona, 2 types of cheese (aged and semi aged), served with homemade marmalade and Acacia honey, a bowl of stracciatella and vegetables under extra virgin olive oil. (min 2 people)

Antipasto de La Buchetta (min. 2 persone)

€ 28,00

Mozzarella cheese Tasting. Fior di latte, buffalo, burrata and stracciatella served with salad and cherry tomatoes.

Degustazione di mozzarelle

€ 25,00

Toasted Tuscan bread with seasonal truffles

Crostini al tartufo

€ 18,00

Toasted Tuscan bread with chicken liver pâté served with "burratina" cheese

Crostini toscani e burratina

€ 14,00

Cheese tasting. Four types of cheese (tre latte aged under wood ashes, latte crudo, vinaccia aged under wine, grotta aged underground, homemade onion marmalade, and acacia honey)

Delizia di pecorini di campagna

€ 22,00

Caprese salad with "bufala" cheese

Caprese di bufala

€ 16,00

Carpaccio of beef filet served with rucola and finished with grana cheese

Carpaccio di filetto di manzo rucola e grana

€ 20,00

Raw carpaccio of beef filet with mullet roe on top and chili


€ 22,00


Chicken Caesar salad

Insalata Caesar con pollo

€ 18,00

Fennel salad, oranges, olives and walnuts

Insalata di finocchi, arance, olive e noci

€ 18,00

Salad with grilled shrimps, mango, blackbarries and avocado fruit

Insalata di mango, avocado, gamberi e more

€ 20,00

First Courses

Special Pici pasta. Homemade thick spaghetto, Pienza pecorino, black pepper, and truffles

Pici Special

€ 33,00

Homemade tagliatelle pasta with wild boar ragù

Tagliatelle al cinghiale

€ 18,00

Lasagna with beef ragù

Lasagna al ragù di manzo

€ 16,00

La Buchetta pici. Homemade thick spaghetto, spicy red tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, finished with fresh salty ricotta cheese sliced on top

Pici de “La Buchetta”

€ 16,00

Carnaroli Risotto with shrimps, saffron and lemom juice

Risotto gamberi,zafferano e limone

€ 23,00

Raviolone pasta filled with ricotta cheese with a blue cheese sauce finished with caramelized shallots and fried sage

Raviolone erborinato, Scalogno caramellato e Salvia fritta

€ 20,00

Angels and Demons Gnocchi. Homemade gnocchi cooked with stracciatella cheese, finished with a touch of red spicy sauce and crispy pork cheek, aromatic herbs and edible flower

Gnocchi Angeli e Demoni

€ 22,00

Linguine pasta with clams and basil

Linguine alle vongole e basilico

€ 24,00

Main Courses

Traditional Florentine beef stew cooked with red tomato base, rosemary, sage and potatoes

Spezzatino alla fiorentina con patate

€ 26,00

Sliced chicken breast with asparagus, cream and mustard Dijon sauce

straccetti di pollo alla Buchetta

€ 26,00

Sliced veal shank cooked low temperature with a blended sauce of tomato base, celery, carrots, and onions

Ossobuco alla fiorentina

€ 24,00

Veal escalope with cream, avocado and fresh truffle

Scaloppina di vitella all’avocado e tartufo

€ 30,00

Traditional Florentine steak. Minimum cut is around 1.2 kilo (2.6 pounds) Our steak is dry aged for at least 4 weeks. We suggest rare or medium rare temperature ( € 6.5/hg)

Bistecca alla fiorentina

€ 6,50

Ribeye steak. Aprox. 700 grams. Served sliced on top of a bed of radicchio salad and a side of homemade onion mermelade

Tagliata sulla costola

€ 40,00

Grilled Beef Filet Mignon

Filetto alla griglia

€ 30,00

Special Grilled Filet Mignon with fresh truffles sliced on top

Filetto Special

€ 39,00

Beef tartare served with avocado and lettuce salad

Tartare di manzo con insalatina di avocado e misticanza

€ 30,00

La Buchetta Beef Filet Mignon braised with Brandy cooked with delicate blue cheese and walnuts

Filetto La Buchetta

€ 34,00

Catch of the day fillet with crispy spinach

Filetto di pescato del giorno con spinaci croccanti

€ 26,00

Side Dishes

Roasted potatoes

Patate arrosto

€ 7,00

Fresh sauteed spinach

Spinaci freschi

€ 7,00

Rucola salad with tomato

Insalata di rucola e pomodori

€ 7,00

Green beans cooked with tomato sauce and onion

Fagiolini in umido

€ 7,00

Steamed Asparagus with olive oil and lemon

Asparagi olio e limone

€ 9,00


Homemade Tiramisù


€ 9,00

Homemade Chocolate cake. Flourless dark chocolate cake

Torta al cioccolato

€ 9,00

Homemade Cheesecake


€ 9,00

Original Tuscan almond biscuits and a sweet dessert wine

Cantucci e Vin Santo

€ 7,00

Berries mousse with white chocolate and pistacchios

Mousse ai frutti di bosco, cioccolato bianco e pistacchi

€ 9,00

Fresh Pineapple

Ananas al naturale

€ 7,00

Apple pie with mascarpone cream

Torta di mele con crema di mascarpone

€ 9,00


Pasta with fresh tomato sauce, or butter, or Ragu

Pasta al pomodoro o al burro

€ 10,00

Grilled chicken with potatoes

Pollo alla griglia con patate

€ 12,00

Steak with potatoes

Braciola di carne con patate

€ 15,00


Mineral water 0,5 lt.

Acqua minerale 0,5 lt.

€ 3,00

Coffee, Barley and Decaffeinated

Caffè, Orzo e Decaffeinato

€ 2,50



€ 3,50



€ 5,00

Craft beer

Birra artigianale

€ 7,00

Soft drinks

Soft drinks

€ 4,50